We do re-upholstery of all kinds of furniture among them lounge suites, dining room suites, bedroom suites, office furniture etc. We have a wide range of materials and leathers to choose from. When we reupholster we actually renew the old furniture to make it new.

You may ask, “Why re-upholster?” Well, there are a number of reasons:

You are comfortable with your old suite. There is that bond which you just can’t let go. Well, have it renewed and enjoy it the more.
Some suites hold some sentimental value to you. They have a unique history attached to them and therefore you can’t let them go simply because the fabric is worn out. You can keep the suite; just have it recovered.
Re-upholstery gives you the opportunity to choose the material you desire. You will therefore be able to decorate your home with your own chosen colors.
It is cheaper to reupholster than to buy new furniture, so you will obviously save some money.