You have searched around and visited every furniture shop but you just can’t find the furniture you want. All you are getting is wrong size, wrong color, wrong design – it’s just not giving you the joy and satisfaction you want. If that is the case you need a custom made furniture. At Upholstery Masters we manufacture furniture with a Touch Of Excellence! Our furniture manufacturing is done in line with customer’s specifications and needs. We manufacture both office and home furniture.


Why choose Upholstery Masters to manufacture your furniture?

We emphasize on excellent workmanship – the finishing that leaves one saying “Wow”

We still believe in ancient ways of manufacturing – ancient ways yet mixed with modern trends and styles. Most furniture manufacturing companies no longer manufacture strong and durable furniture. For many companies it’s all about mass production and sadly poor quality. At Upholstery Masters we strongly feel that is wrong. We believe in using durable wood, quality foam and quality fabrics. In short, quality products!

Many furniture manufacturing companies don’t allow their clients to choose their own materials. You just have to choose from what they have made. At Upholstery Masters we invite you to come and choose your own materials and design and then we will manufacture it for you.

We have a big team with individuals specializing in specific areas. This ensures that we deliver quality service and products.