Many are not sure if re-upholstering is a necessary step to consider. Some believe that re-upholstering is an expensive exercise. Maybe they have heard from someone who was once quoted exorbitant prices by a particular upholsterer. Well, it is cheaper to re-upholster compared to buying new furniture. One thing though that clients should consider when comparing re-upholstering and new furniture is the material used. For example a couch to be re-upholstered in genuine leather material should not be compared with a new couch in the shop done in fake leather. In such a scenario a couch to be re-upholstered will be priced higher but it is not expensive as such because this is genuine leather. We should therefore compare apples to apples.

Re-upholstery gives the client the opportunity to choose own fabric. This is a great privilege which one cannot have when buying new furniture. Choosing own material empowers the client and grants a deep satisfaction. In choosing material clients have the privilege to match the material with their home or office colours. This is the reason why many people after buying new furniture, hardly having used it, they have it re-upholstered. What they are seeking is the opportunity to choose own material. A professional upholsterer should always have a wide range of sample materials for clients to choose from. Your home and your office should be well decorated. The colours should blend and be eye catching. As you choose the material with the help of your upholsterer, you can make your home and your office a perfect place to be at.

There are also clients who doubt whether their old, worn out, broken furniture can be fully restored? A professional upholsterer after working on the old furniture should restore the newness. In other words if your couch has a broken arm and worn out padding, a good upholstery should not just repair but restore to the original state of the couch, if not making it better. As a client' your homework is to find a professional and competent upholsterer. There are many out there who are upholsterers but not all of them do good work.

How Do I Find a Good Upholsterer?

 How then do I differentiate the good from the bad?

Firstly, a good upholsterer should have a list of contactable reference. It must not be just one or two but a sizeable list. If indeed they are in business and good at what they do then they should have many clients they have done work for. Secondly a good upholsterer should provide guarantee for his/her work. Anyone who does not guarantee their work be careful of such. This guarantee should be given in writing preferably on mail. Thirdly a good upholsterer should not insist on full payment before work is done. If I know that my work is good I can do with a deposit just to buy material and get full payment upon delivery when the client is happy and satisfied with my work. A good upholsterer also should not be too cheap. Be careful of upholsterers who charge too little pricing. Cheap things are indeed cheap. These guys they know they do poor work hence they can only lure clients by unrealistically low pricing. In many cases such upholsterers are dubious and very unprofessional. For example they can quote you on genuine leather at a very low price and when they do the work they use fake leather with a genuine leather look. Hardly a year down the line the material is broken again. If you are charged too little pricing and you want to give them a try then ask for reference first. Let them give you not only one but a few of people to contact whom they did work for.

Before you give your furniture to an upholsterer ensure that the business is registered and has premises from which they operate from. It is always safer to deal with people who have a business and not personal bank account in which you can transfer payment. This is easier to track. Avoid cash payments especially those without receipt. Many people have lost their goods to unregistered so called business people. Again, I would like to emphasise that it is not just about getting the cheapest quote. You may end up losing both your furniture and money. When an upholsterer collects your furniture you have the right to request a collection note as proof that they have taken your furniture.

I hope you have found this information helpful.